Strange Symptoms lead to Unusual News

As we all know or must have have heard that COVID-19 is to known as a respiratory system infecting virus, but is it true?

Recent COVID-19 reports show that some symptoms and deaths are associated with cardiovascular system complications rather than issues in the respiratory tract system. As we all know this news is rather strange.

How is COVID-19 being a cardiovascular disease possible?

First lets clear out the confusion about what “COVID-19 might be a cardiovascular disease” means. Well it means that this disease may harm our blood vessels and the flow of blood through our body if not controlled. This is how their is a rather large possibility that this virus is a cardiovascular disease.

Many doctors have said that when this virus goes all the way down to our air sacks (alveoli), we start coughing.We cough because this virus harms our lung tissues. This exposes the virus to our blood vessels. When the virus enters our blood vessels, nothing can stop it.

What Blood Types are most being infected with the virus?

Well it is known that people with the blood type A have 50% more chance to get infected by the virus. The people with blood type O have 50% less chance of getting infected by the COVID-19. ( People with the blood type B fall in the middle).

People would definitely consider adding exercise into their routine as exercising helps in making your cardiovascular system stronger. Anybody who smokes would 50% change their mind and quit smoking. And of course as everyone already says “Eat Healthy, Stay Active”.

Stay Away from us COVID-19